Monday, September 14, 2009

Weis Store brand coupon booklets!

Yesterday when i went into Weis, i found right by the circulars, a booklet that says Harvest Celebrations on it. On the bottom it says save $11 with coupons inside! The coupons inside are for the Weis store brand. The Qs are...

save 1.00/1 box of Weis quality toasted rice,corn, or honey nut cereal
save 1.00/1 Weis quality oats&more cereal with honey oat clusters,almonds, or real strawberries
save 1.00/1 Weis Quality PB&C cereal
save 1.00/1 Weis crispy hexagons cereal
save 1.00/2 Weis quality snack mix
save 1.00/2 Weis quality pancakes& waffle syrup (24 oz)

save 1.00/2 Weis quality peanut butter (28oz)
save 1.00/2 quality jelly or preserves (18oz)
save 1.00/2 Weis quality frozen waffles or buttermilk pancakes
save 1.00/2 Weis qualiy milk dips cookies or double filled (18oz)

save 1.00/2 Weis quality woven wheats crackers (9.5oz)

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