Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I know ive been away wayyy too long, so i decided to start fresh and do it the right way! Follow my new blog! =) Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Im back!

Im back! Everything has been figured out and i am back and ready to go!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weis Grocery Deals for the week of 10/8

There are not many coupon matchups this week, nor are there any GREAT GREAT deals but these are the things that stood out to me for this week.

*Deer Park Spring water 6pk 1.00
Use the 1.00/2 and get two packs for 1.00 so 12 bottles for a dollar! prettyy good!

*Angel Soft toilet paper 4pk 1.00
use the .50 Qs which will double and make those FREE

*Betty Crocker Helpers ( Hamburger,tuna,etc) 1.00 ea
buy 3 and use the 1.10 off any 3 and get all three boxes for 1.90

*Pepsi 2L 1.00 ea
use the .25/1 printable which will double to .50 making it .50 for a 2L!

*Birds eye steamfresh veggies. 1.00 ea use the .50/1 which will double and get it FREE

*Chef Boyardee canned pastas or cups 1.00 ea
buy 3 and use the 1.00/3 and get all 3 for 2.00

*Gatorade 1.00 ea

*Renaldi Pasta sauce 1.00 ea

*Scott Single roll paper towels 1.00 ea

*San Giorgio Pasta 1.00 ea

*Fresh Express salad bags PSA 3.49 bogo
buy 2 bags for 3.49 and us the .55/2 Q and get 2 bags for 2.49

*free milk wyb 5 boxes off Kellogs cereals which are 5 for 10.00
use 2 of the 1.00/2 q and get 5 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk for 8.00

that is pretty much it for now!Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GREAT site to make a little money or spend a little

I came across this AWESOME site. If your wanting to rent something for a party or get together you are having and don't feel like spending tons of money just to use it one day, then this site is great! You can rent out stuff you have around your house that you dont use. and make some money! For example, if you need a crock pot or even a car for a day, someone near you on the site may have one and be renting it for 10.00/day. Great deal, and you pay 10.00 to have it instead of getting one for 30.00 or more for the car. Another example is...if you have a video game you barely play( This ones for you jeffrey!) You can rent it out and if someone is looking for that game, they can pay YOU to let them borrow it for however much a day! Ive seen so many things from cars, to strollers, to cameras, to guitar hero! Go check the site out! You can check it out by clicking HERE! Or just typing! Pretty cool huh?

Some good Wal-Mart Deals

I usually do not like Wal-Mart but when there is a good deal, i just HAVE to go! Here are the latest and greatest...

*Adams Flea Collars, .97
There is a 3.00/1 Adams Flea & Tick Products which makes it free, and if your lucky you may get overage!
*ALL laundry Detergent 2.50
Use the 1.00/1 ALL or Surf Q which makes it 1.50
*Air Wick Scented Oils i-Motion Starter Kit 5.00
Use the 4.00/1 Air Wick Scented Oil i-Motion Starter Kit which makes it 1.00! AWESOME price!
*Betty Crocker Frosting, 1.44
Use the .50/1 and pay .94 for a tub of frosting!

*Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes .78
use the .40/1 Q HERE and pay just .38!

*Delmonte chillers 2.00
Use the Q HERE and get it for 1.00

*Franks red hot sauce .88
Use the Q here and get it for .38
*Fusion Phantom razors 5.00
Use the 4.00/1 and get it for 1.o0! another great priced item!

*Hellmans mayo 2.00
use the Q HERE and get it for 1.00!

*Surf Laundry soap 4.50
Use the 3.50/1 and get it for 1.50
*Tyson Skillet Creations 2.00
Use the 1.00/1 Q and get it for 1.00

*White Cloud Toilet Paper 4 roll 1.99
use the Q HERE and get it for .99

Gotta Love Wal-Mart for deals like these!

Snuggle At stock up price at Dollar General & Family Dollar!

Snuggle has been reported to be at both DG&& FD for 3.00-3.75

Use the 3.00/1 Q in last sundays paper and its free-.75!

(DG- 3.00)

Either way, its a great price!

New Giant Coupons...AGAIN!

Yup. thats right, there are some more coupons for Giant! I am really loving these Qs!

This link HERE takes you to get these... $2 off $5 produce Purchase
$2 off Purina ONE Dog Food (18 lb) or Cat Food (16 lb)

And this link HERE takes you to get these... $2 off $5 Produce Purchase
$1 off Giant Granola Bars, All Varieties 8.4 ox packages
these are all good from the 7th thru the 24th! So get to printing! Enjoy!

And of course..
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