Friday, September 18, 2009

ACME Deals for this week! (9/18-9/25)

These are the good deals i saw for this week! Enjoy! ( Note. Just a FYI, when things are 10 for $10 and dont say "must buy x" they are $1 ea and you do not have to buy 10! Hope this helps those of you who have asked!)

*Totinos Pizza Rolls 1.00 ea
Use .35/1 which will double making each box only .30!

*Campbells condensed chicken noodle & tomato soups .50 ea
use $1/2 found Here and get two free!

remember when you spend $15 you get a $5 catalina for your next purchase!

*Campbells SpaghettiO's 10/$10
*Pepperidge farms Gold Fish (2oz cartons)10/$10

*Campbells' Select Harvest and Chunky Soup 4/$5
use 2 of the .50/2 which will double to 1.00 off two making it 4 cans for $3!

*V8 Splash 2/$4
use $1/2 from last weekend and get them for 1.50 ea or 2 for $3, same thing!

also part of the spend $15 (ShPr) and get $5!

*Betty Crocker Frosting 2/$3
use2 of the .50/1 IP Here which will double to $1 ea one, making it 2 for $1 (.50 ea)

*Carnation Milk 10/$10
use the IP Here which will double to 1.00/2 making it 2 for $1

good for all you bakers out there!

*Wise Potato Chips 10/$10
Print 2 of the .50/1 IP Here (which will be emailed to you!)and get two for free after they double!

*4C bread Crumbs 3/$5
use 3 of the $1/1 Q and get 3 for $2

*Betty Crocker Potatoes $1
Buy 2 use the 1.10/2 and get 2 boxes for .90!

*Suave Body Wash 1.99
Use .75/1 and it will double to 1.00 making it .99 for a body wash! if your store fully doubles, you will get it for .45!

*Green giant Steamers 1.49 ea
Use .50/1 Q and it will double making it .49 ea!

*Coke Products 10/$10 so $1 ea

*Hunts Pasta Sauce 10/$10

* Rice a roni & Pasta roni 10/$10
there is a coupon in the add for buy 10 for $10 and you get $5 off meat!

*Nabisco Snacks are 4/$10 plus you get $3 off automatically so 4/$7
there are a lot of $1/2 out there so you can make it 4/$5!

* Gerber Graduates 10/$10

*Viva Paper towels (my fave!) 2/$4
use 2 of the .85/1 which will make it 2/$2 so $1 ea! woo!

*Betty crocker cookie pouches& cake mixes 10/$10

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