Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weis Grocery Deals for week of 9/24!

I must say i do NOT see much for this week! I'm hoping for some more 10 for 10 deals like the ones two weeks ago! Anywho, these are the deals i see for this coming week!

*5 lb bags of potatoes, i believe 3.99 Ea...BOGO
so 2 for 3.99 is a pretty good deal for 10lbs of potatoes.

*Old El Paso Taco Shells 4/$5

use 1.10/3 and the peelie on the boxes for One free old el paso seasoning mix when you buy two products.

so you get 4 taco shells and one package of seasoning for 3.90! not too shabby!

*Barilla Pasta 10/$10 so 1.00 ea
im sure the picolini is included since it has been at all the other stores, there are .50/1 which will double making it free pasta!

*Kraft Velveeta mac n cheese cups 10/$10
buy 2 and pay 2.00 and use the Q for 1 free kraft bbq sauce when you buy 2 velveeta shells n cheese products!

*Campbells Chicken noodle and tomato soups 10/$6

Buy 10 use 2 of the .40/4 Coupons and the 1.00/2 Coupon from here and get all 10 for 3.40!

*Campbells select Harvest soups 6/$8
use 3 of the .50/2 which will double all together up to 3.00 off making it 6 cans for 5.00!
*Pepsi 2 liters are BOGO
use 2 of the .25 off 1 Here and you get 1.00/2 making it .99 for 2 Pepsis!

*Keebler cookies 2/$5
use 2 of the 1.00/2 IPs and get 2/3.00!

other snacks on sale also!

*Cheerios snack mix 2/$3
use 2 of the .50/1 which will double making it 2 bags for 1.00!

There are also some pretty decent BOGO deals on meats!

Thats all i see! Not much but some okay deals if you NEED something! Enjoy!

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