Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Cou&A" September 2009

I decided to start off with answering the most frequently asked couponing questions ive gotten! I will do one of these posts every month answering the most recent frequently asked questions! Here we go!

1. I would like to start couponing,Where do i start? First thing is make sure to get any and all club cards to your local grocery stores. Many stores require for you to have these cards in order to get the products for the sale price.
2. Where can i find coupons? You can find coupons every Sunday (Excluding Holidays) in your local newspapers. You can also find printable coupons online on many different sites. You can also email many companies and tell them how much you like or hate their products and most of the time they will mail you coupons! You can sign up on different websites,which i will list, and they will mail coupons right to your home!
3. How can i get more than one of the same coupon? You can buy them in "lots" right on ebay! You can also buy multiple papers, recieve some from family and/or friends. Or do a good ol' fashioned "Dumpster Dive"!
4. What do all these abreviations on these sites mean? I will post a link to a list to where you can find a list of all these abreviations!
5.How do i know if my stores accept coupons? You should ALWAYS do one of two things, you can go right to the customer service desk and ask if they do, and what their coupon policy is, or you can go to their website online and print out a copy of their coupon policy with you whenever you go.
6. What is a good way to organize my coupons so that they are not all over inside my purse? There are many methods of organization for your coupons! You can use Wipes boxes, a binder with sheet protectors or baseball card holders ( this is my favorite method!), A small filer that you can keep in your purse, and more!

These are the questions i get the most for now! Feel free to send me an email with any questions you have and i will answer them and post them in the following months post for "Cou&As"!

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