Thursday, October 8, 2009

Weis Grocery Deals for the week of 10/8

There are not many coupon matchups this week, nor are there any GREAT GREAT deals but these are the things that stood out to me for this week.

*Deer Park Spring water 6pk 1.00
Use the 1.00/2 and get two packs for 1.00 so 12 bottles for a dollar! prettyy good!

*Angel Soft toilet paper 4pk 1.00
use the .50 Qs which will double and make those FREE

*Betty Crocker Helpers ( Hamburger,tuna,etc) 1.00 ea
buy 3 and use the 1.10 off any 3 and get all three boxes for 1.90

*Pepsi 2L 1.00 ea
use the .25/1 printable which will double to .50 making it .50 for a 2L!

*Birds eye steamfresh veggies. 1.00 ea use the .50/1 which will double and get it FREE

*Chef Boyardee canned pastas or cups 1.00 ea
buy 3 and use the 1.00/3 and get all 3 for 2.00

*Gatorade 1.00 ea

*Renaldi Pasta sauce 1.00 ea

*Scott Single roll paper towels 1.00 ea

*San Giorgio Pasta 1.00 ea

*Fresh Express salad bags PSA 3.49 bogo
buy 2 bags for 3.49 and us the .55/2 Q and get 2 bags for 2.49

*free milk wyb 5 boxes off Kellogs cereals which are 5 for 10.00
use 2 of the 1.00/2 q and get 5 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk for 8.00

that is pretty much it for now!Happy Shopping!

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