Wednesday, October 7, 2009

GREAT site to make a little money or spend a little

I came across this AWESOME site. If your wanting to rent something for a party or get together you are having and don't feel like spending tons of money just to use it one day, then this site is great! You can rent out stuff you have around your house that you dont use. and make some money! For example, if you need a crock pot or even a car for a day, someone near you on the site may have one and be renting it for 10.00/day. Great deal, and you pay 10.00 to have it instead of getting one for 30.00 or more for the car. Another example is...if you have a video game you barely play( This ones for you jeffrey!) You can rent it out and if someone is looking for that game, they can pay YOU to let them borrow it for however much a day! Ive seen so many things from cars, to strollers, to cameras, to guitar hero! Go check the site out! You can check it out by clicking HERE! Or just typing! Pretty cool huh?

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